Open Kitchen Design: Ideas, Tips, Trends & More

How to Create & Build Open Kitchen Designs
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An open kitchen can offer your family and friends a place to come together and create lasting memories. The open concept kitchen design is based on functionality and simplicity. As an increasingly popular trend, you may be looking for open kitchen design ideas. 

How do you design an open kitchen?

Designing an open kitchen can offer endless possibilities. So, where do you begin? Do you start by picking a color scheme? Cabinetry? Do you know how extensive of a remodel you can afford? With so many options, you may be overwhelmed and confused about where to begin. 

For starters, you should first know the roles of the professionals that may be involved with your project. 

A contractor is responsible for executing the labor you ask them to. While you might want to meet with a contractor to gain an idea of what your project will cost, the best way to start is by working with a designer or architect. 

This may have been something you hoped to avoid because of the cost. 

The reality is that if you work with the right design team, they may actually save you money on your project. 

At Skipp, we make kitchen renovations simple, and fun, too. Our technology can save you thousands on your entire kitchen renovation. Using our advanced planning platform, you can partner with an expert designer to create 3D designs and personalized kitchen layouts.

What does an open kitchen look like?

There are many, many types of open kitchen designs. For one, take the “single wall kitchen.” With this type of open kitchen design, you usually have floor-to-ceiling cabinets, and sometimes an island, creating a bit of separation between the kitchen and adjoining room. 

Some open kitchens are built on either side of a throughway in the house. Others are corner kitchens. Open kitchens can sometimes have arches or beams along the ceiling to give them a sense of separation from the other rooms.

Regardless of the layout, an open kitchen design usually includes plenty of light and bright colors or whites. While you may browse the internet to compile ideas about what open kitchens can look like, you can use your own sense of creativity to transform your kitchen.

If your kitchen is not open to begin with, you may need to remove any partition walls. This can open up the space and put you one step closer to achieving an open kitchen design. When designing an open kitchen, you want to find ways to make it as tidy as possible. This means you’ll need plenty of storage. Consider installing floor-to ceiling-cabinetry. A functional design can make all the difference, especially for a small kitchen, or condo open kitchen design.

How do you lay out an open kitchen plan?

The space you are working with will be a major factor in the layout. Other things to consider are the placement of electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems. You might be gutting the kitchen and starting over, or working with the systems already in place. Depending on the scope of your project, you should consider working with a professional kitchen designer to make the most of your space.

How would you describe an open concept kitchen?

With one or few walls, an open kitchen should flow seamlessly with the rest of your home. When you see an open kitchen, it should be a space you are immediately drawn to. After a long day of work, no one wants to feel claustrophobic in a closed-off kitchen. The concept of an open kitchen can be described using buzzwords such as light, open, airy, bright, sleek, tidy, and more.

Is the open concept still popular?

As you begin to remodel your kitchen, you may want an open kitchen design, but are concerned it’s out of style. While it’s important to invest in home remodels that will increase the value of your home, try to focus on your likes and needs, before worrying about what’s popular. 

With that being said, some designers say 80% of homeowners want a kitchen that is at least partially open. Often, when we entertain, or even just cook dinner with the family, we want the ability to interact with others. If your kitchen is closed off, it may make it difficult to interact with family members or guests.

How do you style a small kitchen?

“Small” does not have to mean “limited options.” Rather, “small” means that you get to extend your creativity. Partnering with a skilled kitchen or interior designer is especially important when working with small spaces and rooms in your home. You want to make sure they are as functional as possible, and easy on the eyes. 

Some things you can consider to style a small kitchen are the following:

  1. Paint it a bold color for personality
  2. Go with a pale or white color for a light and airy feeling 
  3. Add open and/or glass cabinets and use your dishes as décor
  4. Add wallpaper behind the open or glass cabinets to create some visual interest
  5. Incorporate mirrors to make the space feel bigger than it really is
  6. Place plants throughout, and add a pop of color while using limited space
  7. Get appliances you can store under the counter, to create a more open space

How do you decorate a large open kitchen?

A large open concept kitchen design can be a great space, but it can sometimes be bland. You can use contrasting paint colors to make a bold statement. An intriguing backsplash is like jewelry for your kitchen and will give it a high-end feel. Eye-catching fixtures like lighting, faucets, and handles for your cabinets will add visual interest to your kitchen. Don’t be afraid to use color accents such as a stand mixer or Dutch oven with a bold color. Consider adding artwork and plants to create an inviting atmosphere. An interior designer or kitchen designer might be worth consulting to get the maximum “wow” factor for your kitchen.

How do you decorate an open space house?

Because you can see multiple rooms at once, you will want to decorate in a way that makes everything blend, but still creates a visual separation between the rooms. Some ways to do this are to incorporate the same paint and accent colors in each room, use the same flooring, and use area rugs. You might want to include a statement piece for each room like a functional kitchen island, a sofa that pops, or an eye-catching dining room table.

Is an open kitchen a bad idea?

An open kitchen is rarely a bad idea, but every space is different. Use your judgement, and perhaps the opinion of an expert. While open kitchens are functional and offer plenty of storage, they need the right design elements to look complete. 

Is an open kitchen better than closed?

Both have advantages and disadvantages. We have already seen the advantages of an open kitchen. The design has been popular for so long that you might be wondering if closed kitchens have any redeeming qualities. Well, they do. It’s easier to keep the smells of cooking contained in a closed kitchen. You can run your blender or stand mixer without people having to yell because the noise stays mostly in a closed room. You can shut the door and keep any mess private. If you have small children or pets who are prone to come into the kitchen, you can close the door and potentially avoid accidents.

Like an open kitchen, there are downsides as well. A closed kitchen might make your home feel smaller. You may feel isolated when you work in a closed kitchen. You will not be able to socialize easily with family or guests and you will not be able to keep an eye on your children if you need to. Lastly, sometimes getting food from a closed kitchen or dishes back to the kitchen can be awkward because you need to go around a wall or partition.

How much space do you need for an open plan kitchen?

If you are thinking of an entire space of kitchen, dining and living room the recommended square footage is about 376 square feet. In some cases, you have the freedom to choose how much space you will allocate to your open kitchen. In some other cases, you just have to work with the existing space. Make the best decisions for the space you have in your home.

How do you build a small open kitchen?

Some homes have small kitchens. Apartment-style condos are often in this category, and so are older homes. If your kitchen is small, you might be planning to do a complete remodel, or work with the existing structure. 

When working with a small kitchen, you’ll want to find ways to maximize storage space and find multiple uses for each component of the space. For example, you may want to consider a cutting board that pulls out of the kitchen cabinetry. This way, you don’t have to store it or use up counter space. 

What is the best layout for a small kitchen?

Three styles that are common and work well are galley kitchens, single-wall kitchens, and corner kitchens. A galley kitchen is typically not “open” because it has floor and wall cabinets on each side. A single-wall kitchen will occupy a single wall, and an island can be incorporated to separate rooms and give extra space. A corner kitchen will take up a corner of the home. It is usually open, and can be a very practical design choice.

Does an open plan kitchen add value?

An open kitchen definitely can add value in your home. This design style is still popular and a lot of buyers want homes with an open style kitchen design. If you remodel or renovate your kitchen so that it is an open kitchen, you may find you get at least what you paid, if not more, back when you sell your house. 


When planning a kitchen remodel or renovation, there are many styles to choose from. An open style concept offers a functional space with an elegant design aesthetic. If you are considering a kitchen remodel, visit Skipp for professional kitchen design help.

Skipp is the best way for you as a homeowner to cut costs and simplify the kitchen remodel design process. With a simple deposit, homeowners can begin their Skipp kitchen renovations. Top interior designers can help with your design every step of the way throughout our kitchen renovation experience that you’ll actually enjoy!

Skipp makes the renovation process fun and stress-free while helping homeowners avoid unnecessary headaches and costly mistakes. With our industry connections and expertise, homeowners save thousands on renovations with Skipp from design through construction. Our aim is to get you the kitchen you’ve been dreaming of and the kitchen you’ll live in and enjoy for years to come. 

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