Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

Chances are, if you’re looking at kitchen renovation ideas for your big, airy kitchen, you’ve thought about the modern farmhouse style.
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Farmhouse Kitchen Design Ideas for Your Home

The modern farmhouse kitchen is so often the center of attention on Pinterest and Instagram. Chances are, if you’re looking at kitchen renovation ideas for your big, airy kitchen, you’ve thought about the modern farmhouse style. It’s a flexible, light and airy style that works just as well on the coasts and even in the North as it does in the South. If you think a modern farmhouse kitchen may be your perfect match, keep reading!

What is the modern farmhouse style?

Modern designs can become sterile-looking quickly — more like a laboratory than somewhere you want to relax with your family. That’s where the modern farmhouse style comes in. It mixes a hearty family feel with the clean, modern lines we love. It’s a match made in heaven!

The modern farmhouse style is a subtle mix of new and old. It is epitomized by neutral colors, with some warmth provided by natural wood accents. Designers often like to include elements of rustic living plus industrial-themed highlights. So, think whites and greys, wooden flooring, funky lights, steel stools and stainless appliances.

What makes a modern farmhouse kitchen?

Simple shaker style cabinets are a signature of a modern farmhouse kitchen, in either white or pale grey, though dark grey can work, too, if you’ve got enough natural light coming in. While whites and pastels are most common, some designers will use a splash of strong color on the island or appliances to give the kitchen a little more personality.

The cabinets can be topped with marble, granite, quartz or butcher block countertops, often in white, black, or another natural stone. Backsplashes are typically white, though you’ll see subway tiles, glass and/or a larger square tile used, from time to time.

Accessories and finishes always continue the ex-farmhouse feel, with exposed wood, wicker baskets, plants, copper and ceramic touches. With careful design, a modern farmhouse kitchen melds together the utility of a workplace with the comfort of a grandma’s hug. It is a place equally good for food preparation and getting together for a gossip session with your best friend.

Are farmhouse kitchens out of style?

They say, “never say never,” but while style constantly changes, the popularity of the farmhouse kitchen is set to continue. Why? Because it is a mix of the old and the new, and can always be freshened up with a surprising twist. The essential elements of the modern farmhouse vibe are timeless, and the whole design is bright and friendly. The essence of the look is clean, simple and elegant, and goes with almost any architectural design and location.

Cutting-edge kitchen designs always run the risk of becoming dated; something newer is always coming along. What gives the farmhouse kitchen its long-lasting appeal is that it has an eye for the past, while being completely up to date. A farmhouse kitchen is like the little black dress – infinitely adaptable and always in fashion – a style icon.

How do I make my kitchen look “farmhouse?”


Simplicity and elegance are where it’s at if you want a modern farmhouse kitchen. You should lean heavily on neutrals and white, with color being used sparingly. If you are starting from scratch, then look to classic, elegant shaker cabinets.


You can’t go wrong with a wooden floor, though stone will work, too, and may be preferable if you’re in a warmer climate region of the country. The advantages of wood are that it is often cheaper than stone and much easier to fit because you can easily cut it to any size. The color and texture of wood also adds warmth to the kitchen and harmonizes with the other natural wood embellishments that are so important to the modern farmhouse look.

Countertops & Island

A popular choice for countertops is marble or quartz in white or grey. It is possible to find very pale granite, and this could be a good alternative. You can choose wood for your countertop, but most modern farmhouse kitchens use a wood counter as an accent on an island. If you don’t have an island, simply choose a kitchen table with a wood grain and color you love as your accent.


Many homeowners choose white subway tile as their backsplashes, so that’s an easy choice. If you’d prefer a material that is easier to clean, look at glass backsplashes. If you want to add a splash of color, choose tiles that stay on theme, such as olive greens or muted oranges. Remember, “light and airy” are the watchwords for the modern farmhouse style, so don’t overdo it. But, if your cabinets are white or very pale, splashbacks other than white could definitely work and may even make your kitchen even more of a success.


Light fittings are a great way to stamp your individuality on your farmhouse kitchen. Here you can make a statement, and there’s a huge choice available for all tastes and budgets. Think about using soft under-cabinet lighting if your kitchen is on the dark side, and try pendant lights over the island or eating area. Copper and industrial-style shades are a popular choice and look great.

Seating & Accessories

Try to use more natural fabrics and textures for any seating you use, such as leather or wood, as well as for your accessories. Old-fashioned ceramics help also, if you want to add a little more of a traditional theme. Add fresh herbs, wicker baskets or trays, and a fruit bowl.

Where can I buy cheap farmhouse decor?

You don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy a tasteful farmhouse kitchen; there are bargains to be found all over the place. You can find some great pieces if you keep your eyes open at Homesense, Target, and Michael’s. Also, don’t ignore yard sales if you see them; you may just find that perfect piece.

Is a modern farmhouse kitchen right for me?

If you live in a penthouse apartment in Manhattan, maybe a modern farmhouse kitchen is not for you. But for everyone else, it has to be near the top of the list. Its combination of practicality and stylishness is unique and would enhance pretty much anyone’s home. It is a concept, not a set of rules. So, while the look is undeniable, the chance to make it your own is there for everyone. Every modern farmhouse kitchen is individual and reflects the people who use it.

This style doesn’t dominate, and would fit in any type of home, whether big or small, palatial or compact. It won’t be right for everyone — no single style is — but the concept is attractive to most.

A modern farmhouse kitchen doesn’t have to break the bank and can be tailored to any house or apartment. The style offers understated elegance and sophistication without being cold and impersonal. Somehow, it manages to tick the high-fashion box and be comfortable and relaxing at the same time.

If you are thinking of a new kitchen or remodel, we’re here to help you achieve your dream modern farmhouse kitchen renovation at an affordable price. Our simple 4-step system takes away all the difficulties of planning your kitchen remodel and ensures you get a completely personalized design planned with you by one of our incredible hand-picked interior designers. To learn more, or to start your Skipp kitchen estimate, click here.


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