Kitchen Renovation Ideas for Every Size and Budget

5 Brilliant Ideas for Renovating a Kitchen
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We spend a huge amount of our time at home in our kitchens; it’s where we eat, entertain, and catch up with our loved ones. So, when the kitchen isn’t somewhere you want to spend time, it’s time to start thinking about a kitchen renovation.

A kitchen renovation may seem unattainable if you only have a small budget, but there are ways in which you can work toward your dream kitchen, no matter what the size of your kitchen and your budget. Let’s look at the costs associated and ways you can get your dream kitchen for less!


In what order do you renovate a kitchen?

Although the order you should renovate a kitchen depends on your project, here is the most common order:

  1. Step 1: Demolition of old kitchen
  2. Step 2: Replace old plumbing
  3. Step 3: Replace electrical/wiring and lighting
  4. (Optional Step: Add new drywall)
  5. Step 4: Paint walls and ceiling
  6. Step 5: Lay flooring and baseboards
  7. Step 6: Install new kitchen cabinets
  8. Step 7: Fit countertop/s
  9. Step 8: Install backsplash
  10. Step 9: Instate new appliances and hardware
  11. Step 10: Add the finishing touches, and enjoy!


How much does it cost to renovate a kitchen?

The exact cost to renovate a kitchen varies widely depending on the size of the space, the quality of cabinets, fixtures and fittings, appliances, and whether you need to make any changes to your existing kitchen layout.

That being said, the average kitchen renovation costs between $75 and $250 per square foot, which typically amounts to somewhere between $13,000 and $38,000 for the total cost of a kitchen remodel.

Cost to renovate a kitchen based on the size of the project:

  1. Minor kitchen renovation – You can expect a renovation of this size to cost anywhere from $4,000 up to $15,000. This is very much a remodel, keeping as much of the existing kitchen as possible and simply updating certain elements. For instance, painting cabinets, updating hardware and adding or changing the backsplash. Although a larger investment, it is also a good idea to replace appliances with newer, energy-efficient models that can save you money in the long-term.
  2. Mid-scale kitchen renovation – You can expect to pay somewhere between $15,000 and $30,000 for a renovation of this size. You will typically keep your kitchen layout the same, simply refacing cabinets, swapping out hardware, changing the countertop, and maybe adding a kitchen island.
  3. Major kitchen renovation – A renovation of this size typically costs up to $64,000. This includes structural/layout changes, moving and updating plumbing and electricals, choosing high-quality materials and appliances, and including luxury, desired items such as a wine refrigerator or walk-in pantry.

If you are looking to spend less on a kitchen renovation, you will need to be prepared to do-it-yourself as much as possible or make minor changes.


Can you renovate a kitchen for $5,000?

It is possible to renovate a kitchen for $5,000, or less, as long as you are willing and equipped to DIY your kitchen project and keep it to a ‘minor’ renovation.

This means sanding, priming, and painting cabinets (or refacing if you have a little more to spend), updating any hardware, painting walls and ceiling, installing your own flooring and backsplash, updating fixtures and fittings, and changing outlets and lighting if needs be.


What is the most expensive part of a kitchen renovation?

The most expensive part of a kitchen renovation is generally the kitchen cabinets, which cost $15,000 on average. You will also find that purchasing new appliances will take a large percentage of your budget, at an average cost of $8,000+, and new countertops will be the third greatest expense, depending on the material you choose.


What is the cheapest way to renovate a kitchen?

The cheapest way to renovate a kitchen is to do as much as you can yourself, using your existing kitchen as a base and working with what you already have. Consider replacing or painting doors, switching out the hardware, putting in a new floor and a new countertop instead of doing any serious demolition.


How can I make my kitchen look expensive?

If you renovate your kitchen on a budget, there are ways in which you can make your kitchen look more expensive than it actually was.

  1. Color palette – using colors that are slightly muted from the traditional color or tone, such as cream, charcoal, or champagne, makes a kitchen space look more luxurious.
  2. Texture – the use of texture, such as within the backsplash, adds layers to an otherwise simplistic kitchen, creating interest and complexity.
  3. Hardware and fittings – replace hardware and fittings, such as faucets, with modern, opulent pieces, and don’t hesitate to mix metals.
  4. Light fixtures – swap old, bright light fixtures with dimmable versions. This will help to match the mood to the time of day and/or occasion. If you are looking for statement fixtures, opt for globe bulbs with brass or copper-colored details for something chic yet simple.


Is renovating a kitchen worth it? 

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It should be somewhere that you enjoy spending a lot of time, somewhere you want to cook good food and entertain friends and family. A kitchen renovation can allow you to create this dream, inviting space and works to greatly increase your home's value should you wish to sell in the future.


Our 10 Best Tips to Remodel a Kitchen

1. Don’t replace your cabinets – update instead

Cabinets are by far the biggest expense. New stock cabinets cost an average of $5,000, and a custom kitchen averages at $15,000. Instead of replacing, simply paint the doors or buy new ones and choose modern hardware.

Best for:

  1. Reducing unnecessary costs of replacing functioning cabinetry
  2. Breathing new life into outdated appearances

Unique features:

  1. Change color by painting or design by swapping handles, knobs, and hinges
  2. Touching up scratches can be a breeze with the right sanding and staining tools


2. Go for pull-out shelving and drawers

Ever cleared out your kitchen cupboards to find food you didn’t even know was there? Pull-out shelving and drawers are the answer! They’re also the best way to optimize space in small kitchens.  

Best for:

  1. Ease of access (grab items without digging through deep cupboards or drawers
  2. Maximizing usable kitchen space

Unique features:

  1. Units can be any color to match kitchen design
  2. Install in any drawer or cabinet location


3. Aim for budget countertops

Countertops are the third-biggest cost – second if you keep your appliances. While marble and quartz look incredible, they’re expensive, and they likely aren’t necessary to get the look you’re going for if you’re on a tight budget. Opt for cheaper materials, and you can likely get a similar result.  

Best for:

  1. Modernizing and upgrading your kitchen without purchasing expensive stone hardware

Unique features:

  1. Searching at discount granite or other stone stores can greatly reduce the cost of countertops compared to designer sales boutiques
  2. Comparable quality at a significant price difference


4. Focus on lighting

When you first walk into a fancy restaurant, the lighting sets the mood. It’s incredibly important, so make sure you think about how you want your kitchen to feel at different times of day. Incorporate smart LEDs or ambient lighting under cabinets.

Best for:

  1. Creating an inviting feeling in the space
  2. Adding the finishing touch on an almost-complete kitchen

Unique features:

  1. Using bright, warm lighting helps create a sense of welcoming in your kitchen
  2. Possible to find designer fixtures in magazines and then find low-cost alternatives at hardware stores


5. Grab a shiny new kitchen faucet

Shiny new hardware goes a long way to making your home look more expensive, and the faucet is definitely no different! Update your faucet to a new and modern design, especially if it’s in an area of the kitchen the eye is naturally drawn to.  

Best for:

  1. Every type of kitchen! But especially useful for adding a minor eye-catching centerpiece to the sink area

Unique features:

  1. Possibly the most economical way to add some “pop” to your kitchen
  2. Takes considerably less effort than most other kitchen renovation ideas
  3. There are even touch-activated ones that can fit more traditional stylings


6. Consider investing in an upscale backsplash

The backsplash is one of the first things you’ll notice about your kitchen when you walk in, and it’s also what you’ll be looking at as you prepare food each day, so choose something that stands out and looks expensive. Don’t be afraid to spend a little more here.  

Best for:

  1. Use as a kitchen centerpiece; you can select a different color or pattern to stand out from the rest of your kitchen

Unique features:

  1. Stylish AND practical; since it actually protects drywall from excess moisture or grease, it serves a real function as well as adding “wow factor”


7. Use contrasting colors in the right places

Flip or click through the pages of an interior design magazine or blog, and you’ll see contrasting colors used expertly. Done right, they can make a space feel modern, stylish, and expensive.  

Best for:

  1. Creating eye-catching details in a certain part of the room
  2. For example, select different colors for the upper and lower cabinets, or use a contrasting color or texture for your backsplash

Unique features:

  1. Having a few areas with contrasting colors makes those appliances or fixtures the centerpiece of the kitchen
  2. Also saves effort and money if you decide to repaint or recolor only one certain type of fixture


8. Weigh your flooring choices

The flooring you choose makes a dramatic difference in the final look of your kitchen. A cream floor in a white kitchen will make it look bright and airy, while a dark or even black floor will create a contrast and give an edgier feel.

Best for:

  1. Affecting the look of the room at a base level
  2. For example, using dark wood versus light wood can completely change how the room feels
  3. Distinguishing the kitchen from the rest of the house

Unique features:

  1. Using a different type of flooring in the kitchen can make it feel like a unique space in your home
  2. You can draw attention to it or not depending on the style of the rest of your kitchen


9. Think about your storage needs

A beautiful kitchen will always be lacking something if it doesn’t meet your practical needs. Fortunately, there are more smart storage solutions than ever before, so think about your needs early in your planning process.  

Best for:

  1. Homeowners with more dinnerware and cookware that needs to be arranged or stored carefully
  2. Those who prefer a kitchen with less visual clutter

Unique features:

  1. Storage can greatly optimize how much open space you have in your kitchen, which will help you keep your countertops clutter-free
  2. Easier to work in your kitchen every day if things are stored properly


10. Add an island for workspace as well as potential seating

Islands are incredibly popular – they look stylish, add workspace, a dining area, and utilize space that would otherwise be unused or less practical.  

Best for:

  1. Multipurpose surface for entertaining guests as well as preparing and serving foods
  2. Adding a gorgeous literal centerpiece to the kitchen

Unique features:

  1. Possible to customize based on your needs (e.g., an island for wine nights would have more legroom while one for daily kitchen use could have more surface area)


With excellent options for all kitchen sizes and budgets, whether you decide to take the task on yourself or get the professionals in, there is no reason why you cannot create your dream kitchen with a kitchen renovation. If you are looking to create your dream kitchen with a kitchen renovation, Skipp can make the process simple and save you money on your kitchen project in just 4 steps! Click here to find out more and get your custom renovation quote.


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