Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas: Trends, Colors & More

How to Design the Perfect Cabinets for Your Kitchen
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How do I plan a cabinet layout?

Kitchen cabinet design can take your kitchen to the next level and bring your vision to life. With so many kitchen cabinet design ideas available, you may be struggling to make a decision. Perhaps none of the prefab cabinets are suitable for you, and you need custom kitchen cabinet design ideas. If design skills are not in your wheelhouse, you may need to seek the help of an expert. Some of us may assume this is not in the budget, but with Skipp, it very well may be in the budget. Keep reading to learn more about interior design ideas for kitchen cabinets. Whether you want a modern kitchen cabinet design idea or simple kitchen cabinet design ideas, we can help.


How many cabinets should a kitchen have?

When it comes to the number of kitchen cabinets you should have, there’s no right or wrong answer. But of course, you’ll want to make your kitchen as functional as possible. When determining how many kitchen cabinets you should have, you should first consider the space you are working with. How many cabinets can you easily fit in the space? How can you maximize the amount of cabinet space? While you may know what your personal needs are in terms of storage space, you may want or need to sell your home one day. Therefore, you should always make a kitchen as functional as possible. 

How should I arrange my kitchen cabinets?

There are kitchen cabinets design ideas to suit every kitchen. Your cabinets should be arranged in a way that is functional and visually appealing. You can arrange them however you see fit. If you are unsure what would work best, you may need to ask for design help from a friend or professional. Adding organizational tools inside of your cabinets can make them more functional.

What kitchen cabinets are in style?

When it comes to kitchen cabinet styles, you’ll usually find some unique, trendy styles and some timeless styles. While trendy styles can be hip, the trend may fade. If you will be happy with a trendy style for years to come, you may want to go for it. However, if you are someone that changes their mind often, you may want to go for a timeless style. Currently, contemporary and modern kitsch cabinet styles are trending. If these styles are not for you, you may want to consider retro, Tuscan, French, or craftsman-style cabinets.

What are the different styles of kitchen cabinets?

With what seems like endless kitchen cabinet choices, you may be wondering how to differentiate styles. Pinpointing the styles you do and do not like can make your shopping experience more pleasant. In addition, it can help a professional offer up their best ideas if they know what you like. Simpler style kitchen cabinets include shaker, modern, mission, contemporary, and flat-panel cabinets. Fancier display cabinets may incorporate glass facing. 

What are standard kitchen cabinet sizes?

Cabinets either go on the floor (base) or the wall. The standard height of base cabinets is between 34.5” and 36”, and they have a standard depth of 24”-30”. Wall cabinets come in standard sizes of 12”, 15”, 18” 30”, 36”, and 42”. The depth ranges between 12”-18”. A pantry can vary in height from 84”-94” and be 12”-18” deep.

What are the best cabinets for a kitchen?

This depends on your budget and personal preferences. Regardless of what you are spending, you want your kitchen to be functional, easy to clean, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. While you may be trying to keep costs down, you should install high-quality cabinets. Solid wood or engineered wood are recommended kitchen cabinet materials. Solid wood door frames or plywood panels will withstand wear and tear far better than medium density fiberboard or particleboard. Spending a bit of time researching cabinetry construction can save you from making a purchase you regret.

Who makes the best kitchen cabinets for the money?

According to a JD Power study, the most highly rated brands are: 

  1. American Woodwork
  2. Ikea Sektion
  3. Diamond
  4. Thomasville

The study considered price, warranty, design features, operational performance, and ease of order and delivery. Other brands that rated highly were Hampton Bay, Kraftmaid, Kitchen Craft, and Canyon Creek.

What color cabinets make a kitchen look bigger?

The ever-popular white cabinet will make your kitchen look larger because white reflects light and doesn’t highlight edges or boundaries. There are endless kitchen design ideas that use white cabinets, so you can really have fun with this.

What is the most efficient kitchen layout?

Galley kitchens can be one of the most efficient kitchen layouts for smaller spaces. Galley kitchens can be designed in a variety of ways, including L-Shape or Horseshoe. A U-Shape kitchen can provide versatility and plenty of storage. While one design may be efficient for one space, it may not be the most efficient for another space. You should consider the space you are working with and the flow of your home to determine what kitchen layout will work best.

What color kitchen cabinets are timeless?

Generally, white kitchens and woods that have a color hue from light to medium brown are timeless. If you focus on quality for your cabinets, you can have them painted to stay current with modern color trends.

What is the modern color for kitchen cabinets?

 So, what’s popular now? Kitchen cabinet colors that are in style right now include:

  1. Classic white
  2. Espresso
  3. Light natural wood with a grainy pattern
  4. Grey

If your kitchen design ideas include painted cabinets, you may want to consider the following colors:

  1. Coffee stains
  2. Grayed green blue
  3. Deep bronze
  4. Grayed blue
  5. Greige to beige
  6. Yellowed and forest green

How much does it cost for new kitchen cabinets?

Quantity and quality can be big determinants in what cabinets will cost. If you need a lot of cabinetry, you will obviously spend more than if you just need a few pieces. Price is typically measured by linear foot and can range from $100-$1200 or more per linear foot. Costs depend on materials if they are mass-produced or custom-made.

What is the cheapest way to buy kitchen cabinets?

If you want new cabinets, the cheapest way to go is usually to buy stock cabinets from a big box store like Home Depot, Lowe’s, or Ikea. Sometimes, local cabinet shops have good deals, especially if they have a model kitchen they want to sell. You can also check for used cabinetry. Sometimes people sell their cabinets when they are remodeling their kitchen. If you find one that is to your liking and of good quality, you can always repaint it and upgrade the hardware.

What is the average cost to build kitchen cabinets?

A local cabinet shop may give you interior design ideas for kitchen cabinets and build the design you choose. The average price to build cabinets rather than buy premade stock is $500-$1200 per square foot. It could be more or less depending on a number of variables, but that would be the average cost. 

Why are kitchen cabinets so expensive?

The price of cabinets usually depends on the materials you choose. Particleboard cabinets will be a lot cheaper than ones made of hardwood. Unfortunately, cabinets require a lot of labor, thus driving up the cost even more. 

How can I design kitchen cabinets online?

You can design kitchen cabinets online. As a matter of fact, you can design an entire kitchen remodel online with Skipp. While you will need to take some measurements, you can save up to 40% on your kitchen renovation with Skipp. With Skipp, we design your kitchen layout virtually with you and we can work with just about any space. Skipp also will provide the best suggestions for finishing touches in design elements, from paint color to cabinet hardware like knobs and pulls. 


Kitchen cabinets can consume a large portion of your kitchen remodel budget. Therefore, you’ll want to choose high-quality cabinets that will be in style for many years to come. If you wish to replace kitchen cabinets or reface existing cabinets, Skipp can help.

Skipp is the best way for you as a homeowner to cut costs and simplify the kitchen remodel design process. With a simple deposit, homeowners can begin their Skipp kitchen renovations. Top interior designers can help with your design every step of the way throughout our kitchen renovation experience that you’ll actually enjoy!

Skipp makes the renovation process fun and stress-free while helping homeowners avoid unnecessary headaches and costly mistakes. Homeowners save an average of 40% on renovation with Skipp from design through construction. Our aim is to get you the kitchen you’ve been dreaming of and the kitchen you’ll live in and enjoy for years to come. 

Need expert advice on cabinet design? Visit Skipp today!


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