How to Design a Kitchen Layout: Trends for 2021

Nothing is more exciting than kitchen remodels, but you might be wondering how to design a kitchen layout on your own.
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Design Your Own Kitchen Layout Easily with Our Tips

Nothing is more exciting than kitchen remodels, but you might be wondering how to design a kitchen layout on your own. Do you need to call an architect or a professional interior designer? You may be surprised at the answer. 

With so many kitchen design programs available online, you can save money while having complete creative control throughout the entire process. 

With this approach, you can take your time, create multiple design ideas, and even think about those designs for a while before you commit. 

Continue reading and follow our advice to learn how to lay out a perfect kitchen design online.

How can I make my own kitchen layout?

With the use of modern technology, designing your own kitchen layout can be done from the comfort of your own home with a little, or a lot, of guidance from an expert. In the past, designing a kitchen layout meant hiring a professional, allowing them into your home, getting blueprints drawn up, and paying a hefty invoice.

Today, you can create your own kitchen layouts using online (and often free) software. 

Using online kitchen design software will give you complete control of the design process, as well as allow you to get creative with color schemes and materials. You will be able to see your ideas come alive with 3D models as you simply change different features with the easy-to-use built-in design tools. 

Once you have a layout concept finalized, you can take your design to a contractor and/or cabinet maker to work with them and see how they can execute the concept inside your home. 

Can I design my own kitchen online?

Yes, of course! Though some kitchen design software requires a download, there are still plenty of online kitchen design tools that will work directly in your browser. 

The different types of software available online range in capabilities. Most are free, but some have premium features that you will need to pay for. 

Whether you are looking for a floor planner, a surface visualizer for floors and countertops, a cabinet design software, or an all-in-one kitchen designer, you can find all the resources you need with Skipp.

Which software do kitchen designers use?

It’s no secret that kitchen designers use software to create and project design ideas. 2020 Design and Chief Architect Premier are two popular softwares that designers use. 

However, these softwares may be overly complicated for a beginner, or even a rookie designer.

Skipp’s services are much more affordable than hiring a designer who comes to your home, and much more attainable than purchasing sophisticated software that you may not even be able to figure out. 

What is the best app to design a kitchen?

If you want to know how to design a new kitchen layout on your phone, you will want a downloadable program formatted for use on your smartphone. There are many options out there, including:


  1. Homify 
  2. Houzz 
  3. iCanDesign Room Planner 


  1. Houzz
  2. Magicplan
  3. 3D Kitchen Design

Most of these phone applications are free, but may include some in-app purchases for advanced features. iCanDesign Room Planner has a monthly subscription fee of $14.99/month. While using your smartphone may be convenient, you may achieve more customized projections using a traditional website on a desktop version. 

What is the best free kitchen design software?

The most popular free kitchen design software is Homestyler. 

The kitchen module works by creating the floor plan, and then you can add in every type of kitchen-specific item you can think of, from countertops to sinks, to windows and appliances. While we all like the sound of “free,” the fact of the matter is that free kitchen design software may be lacking all the detail you need for executing your remodel. 

Don’t worry, though, because with a simple deposit that gets you a quick 3D scan appointment, you can work with a professional designer at Skipp to bring your 3D kitchen remodel design to life. 

What are the 6 types of kitchen layouts?

There are six main types of kitchen layouts. Some floor plans may make more sense than others based on the shape of your house, so read each description carefully. 

One-Wall Kitchen: If you are looking at how to design a small kitchen layout, then this floor plan might be for you. This layout is simple and space-efficient. All cabinets are installed against a single wall. Usually, you will want to put the fridge down on one end, an oven in the middle, and the sink at the end with cabinets above, and drawers and cabinets below. 

L-Shaped Kitchen: This one is a logical layout for a kitchen. Cabinets and appliances are placed along two perpendicular walls, with an option to have an island. You may want to put lazy susans in the corner and maybe a breakfast nook at the island, or the end of one of the counters. 

Galley Kitchen: With this kitchen design, you have two rows of cabinets facing each other, creating a galley between them. This layout is cost and space-efficient, and contains no tricky corner spaces to mess with. 

U-Shaped Kitchen: The U-shaped kitchen has cabinets along three adjacent walls. This layout provides an incredible amount of storage and space for cooking. Also, this layout is ideal for creating the uninterrupted “work triangle.” 

Island Kitchen: This one’s a perfect layout for open-concept homes; the island in this layout provides a large work and storage area in the middle of the kitchen that can also be used as a breakfast nook. 

Peninsula Kitchen: This layout puts a kitchen counter out from the wall or cabinets. Itcan separate the kitchen from another living space. This is great for people who want something similar to an island kitchen, but do not have the space for an independent island. 

What is a good layout for a kitchen?

There is no right or wrong answer to this. It depends on what your needs are. If you are looking for an efficient and lean layout, then the galley layout is the way to go.

If you cook a lot and need extra work surfaces and storage space for pots and pans, then the U-shaped kitchen is an excellent choice.

If you entertain a lot, or if you have a big family, you may want an island with additional seating space where you can entertain while you cook.

What are the kitchen trends for 2021?

We are seeing some exciting new concepts trending in 2021. Here is a small sample of some of the more noteworthy design features. 

Concealed Kitchens: No, we are not talking about secret passageways that lead to a basement under the island, though that would be amazing if it went down to a wine cellar. We are talking about hiding your everyday appliances with wooden surfaces that blend in with the cabinets, or a fold-down countertop that covers the oven from view, and creates another work surface. 

Mesh Cabinets: Picture wood frames with wire mesh, or a wire and glass mix. This feature allows someone to see what is in the cabinet and creates an edgy modern look. 

Bold Color Contrasts: Bright and loud colors contrasting the cabinets with the backsplash or walls. 

What is the most efficient kitchen shape?

In most cases, the most efficient kitchen shape is the galley kitchen. Galley kitchens provide a workspace on two opposing walls. On one side of the kitchen you have the fridge, and on the other side, you have the range. In a kitchen, the amount of space in which to cook, and plenty of space in between the workspaces is important. This type of setup creates the magical “golden triangle,” which is extremely efficient for working in the kitchen.

Which kitchen layout is the most functional?

The most functional kitchen layout is the L-shaped kitchen. It is super functional because it can be adapted to fit almost any size of a space, and it optimizes workflow with the golden triangle rule. Therefore, it gives you ample storage space. 

Where can I design my own room online?

You may not just be looking at how to get a layout of a kitchen design online, but rather, you may have plans for an additional bathroom renovation or creating a home office. 

Houzz is a website that can provide design ideas and connect you with professionals in the area. If you are looking to take your design to the next level, you should visit Skipp. 

With Skipp we design your kitchen layout virtually with you and we can work with just about any space. Skipp also will provide the best suggestions for finishing touches in design elements, from paint color to cabinet hardware like knobs and pulls. 


Designing your own kitchen should be fun, simple, and inexpensive. With the various software that is available online, for download, or on your smartphone, you can discover the ultimate design experience for a fraction of the cost, compared with traditional methods. 

Skipp is the best way for you as a homeowner to cut costs and simplify the kitchen remodel design process. With a simple deposit, homeowners can begin their Skipp kitchen renovations. Top interior designers can help with your design every step of the way, throughout our kitchen renovation experience that you’ll actually enjoy!

Skipp makes the renovation process fun and stress-free, while helping homeowners avoid unnecessary headaches and costly mistakes. Homeowners save an average of 40% on renovation with Skipp from design through construction. Our aim is to get you the kitchen you’ve been dreaming of, and the kitchen you’ll live in and enjoy for years to come. 

Unlock the secret to affordable kitchen design. . . visit Skipp today!


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