E-design Interior Design Planning for Your Home

E-Interior Design and What Makes it Useful
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E-design interior design allows homeowners to work with a professional designer, virtually. In most cases, interior design is cheaper than using a traditional designer who meets with you face-to-face. 

E-design options are available for just about any room or space in your home. For rooms such as the kitchen, which may require more extensive design or construction work, e-design can be a great method for learning more about your options for remodeling. 

 E-designers can provide completely custom designs. Some individuals assume that e-designers use pre-made designs; however, when you work with a high-quality e-designer, they should create a 100% custom design. 

While e-design may have a faster turnaround than a traditional design process, it does require a bit more legwork from the homeowner. Keep reading to learn more about e-interior design and e-design interior software.

What is e-design interior design?

E-design allows homeowners to bring design visions to life, virtually, from the comfort of their own homes. E-design eliminates the need for face-to-face meetings and travel, thus making it more convenient and affordable. 

Homeowners can work with a professional designer to create interior design plans using a simple, faster, and more laid-back process. The customer is usually required to take photos and provide measurements of the home or space, in order to get started. 

In addition, e-designers may request inspiration to help bring your vision to life and customize the vision to your space. The designer will complete your interior design and should provide a complete plan including images, guides, and shopping lists. 

E-design customers can enjoy a zero-pressure design atmosphere. Once the design is completed, customers can shop for items on their own time. Some e-designers may facilitate construction work, if necessary, for the project. If you are on a budget, this also gives you the opportunity to spread out the interior design project so that you don’t have to pay for everything at once.

How much do e-designs cost?

E-designers typically charge about $1,000 per room. Self-employed e-designers may be responsible for generating their own clients, doing the design work, invoicing, and managing finances. For this reason, they may charge more for their services, when compared to e-designer companies like Skipp

In most cases, e-designers charge a flat rate. Traditional designers typically charge hourly and may have hidden fees, such as travel fees and other costs. While they may provide an estimate before getting started, chances are you’ll end up owing them more than you anticipated. 

E-design is usually cheaper than working with a traditional designer who comes to your home. However, e-design is not necessarily easier for the designer, as some may assume. E-design requires designers to do plenty of research to make sure the items they are recommending are the perfect fit for the space. In addition, because e-designers usually communicate exclusively via technology, their words need to be well-thought-out and they need to offer flexible availability. 

How do you do e-design for a kitchen renovation?

E-design is extremely user-friendly. The first step is to choose a trusted e-design partner. 

Skipp is a reputable e-design kitchen renovation company that can save users an average of 40% on renovations from design through construction. This is because Skipp employs technology that speeds up the kitchen layout generation process, and, as we specialize in kitchen remodeling, we’ll get you a curated design package from our exclusive kitchen design collections. 

If you are looking for e-design options for rooms in your home, you can still access e-design services with ease. Some retailers may even offer complimentary e-design services that feature their products. For retailers, e-design is a great sales tool that can increase sales and customer satisfaction. However, rooms such as the kitchen may require advanced design work and construction, which both require more e-design work.

What is e-design software?

E-design software allows e-designers to create 3D design plans and share designs with customers. 

E-design software is a critical part of e-design. E-designers should use software that is user-friendly, affordable, and advanced. Software should allow e-designers to project very close to actual design plans, including photos of furniture and elevations. In addition, e-designers should be able to feature mood boards and color palettes for customers, using tech like design software.

What is a full-service interior design firm?

Full-service interior design firms usually handle everything involved with a design project from the design to orders and construction. 

With e-design, homeowners usually have to manage orders on their own and may have to hire contractors to complete work. In these cases, though, the design portion is completed by the designer. The e-designer should provide clear instructions as to how things should be done and what needs to be ordered.

However, once their plans are turned over to the homeowner, the designers’ work may be done. If you do not want to deal with anything related to your interior design project, you should hire a full-service interior design firm. Because a full-service firm will provide more time and services, they usually charge the big bucks. Homeowners on a budget should stick to using e-design.

What does e-interior design service include at Skipp?

Skipp specializes in kitchen design services and can handle everything from personalized layouts to streamlined construction, along with incredible design collections you can choose to apply to your kitchen renovation. 

Skipp understands that kitchen design can be intricate. The design of a kitchen space usually requires more than a fresh coat of paint, new furniture, lighting, and a throw rug. 

Kitchens may require physical construction, new appliances, cabinetry, flooring, and more. Skipp provides a way for homeowners to receive assistance designing their dream kitchens while ensuring that the re-design process is seamless. 

To get started, all you need is a deposit and a brief appointment at your home with our 3D imaging surveyor. Before receiving a personalized kitchen layout, Skipp will collect the 3D scan, which provides precise measurements, and then you’ll get layout options tailored to your preferences within days. 

Skipp is committed to cutting costs while simplifying the remodel process so that remodeling your kitchen turns into a breeze. In addition to custom kitchen designs, Skipp can connect homeowners to local contractors that can bring designs to life through the actual kitchen build and construction.

Is it worth hiring an e-interior designer?

Working with an e-interior designer is definitely worth it in most cases. However, the process may not be for everyone. 

If you prefer face-to-face interactions, you may want to hire a local designer with whom you can meet in person, in an office and at your home.

In addition, if you do not want to take measurements or photos on your own, e-interior design may not be for you. E-design usually does not handle orders, deliveries, and setup. 

However, if budget is important, you may want to rethink hiring a local designer. As we discussed earlier, e-design is usually less expensive, but, if you're comfortable with virtual communication and enjoy some DIY projects, you should try using an e-interior designer. 

E-interior design allows homeowners to articulate the way they want a space to look without having to put everything together. In most cases, you can get started much faster with an e-interior designer and save money, too.


If you are going to do something, do it right. When it comes to redesigning your kitchen or your home, it may be tempting to cut costs where you can. While cutting out the interior designer used to be a go-to option for saving money, it no longer has to be this way.

 Homeowners can now work with an e-interior designer to create a functional and unique design without breaking the bank. Proper planning can help your redesign go more smoothly as well. 

In addition, homeowners should have a fairly accurate estimate of costs before getting started. If you are looking for an affordable way to redesign a kitchen while making it look like it’s a design from Pinterest or Instagram, visit Skipp today

At Skipp, we help homeowners receive 3D designs and full renovation estimates using our e-design services so that you can get a dream kitchen within reach . 

Cook up a new kitchen design without going over budget. . . get started now with a Skipp kitchen renovation!


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