Dream Kitchen Ideas: Modern, Luxury & More

7 Incredible Dream Kitchen Ideas for Your Home
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Everyone has a dream kitchen – maybe it’s sleek and modern with smooth white cabinets and a white marble countertop, or perhaps you lust after a pastel farmhouse kitchen. If you’re anything like us, you’ll probably have a few different types of dream kitchen! If you’re as lucky as our customers, you may even get to plan your dream kitchen for your own home. To help, we’ve curated the best list of ideas and tips to ensure your dream becomes a reality.


What are some dream kitchen ideas for me?

A dream kitchen is a very individual thing, but here are some questions and prompts to get you thinking:

  1. What colors do you want in your kitchen?
  2. Are light colors practical on your lower cabinets?
  3. Do you want an island?
  4. Do you have a pantry, or do you need food storage in your kitchen?
  5. What color hardware do you dream about?
  6. What kind of sink do you dream about?
  7. Do you want somewhere to eat built into your island?
  8. Would you need to remove any walls to get your dream kitchen in your home?

Look at pictures of kitchens online or on sites like Zillow to see what other people have done in their homes.


How should I design my dream kitchen?

The decision to design your dream kitchen is an exciting one, but it can also be daunting! There is so much to think about and so many choices. Here are some pointers on designing your dream kitchen:

  1. Start with practicality. How will you use it every day? What activities will you use your kitchen for, besides cooking? Will you use it to entertain? Do you want it to function as a dining space as well?
  2. Decide on a budget that will enable you to create your dream kitchen with room to spare, in case you come across any unexpected expenses.
  3. Consider smart ways to maximize space/storage space in your kitchen.
  4. Choose the appliances you would like to have in your kitchen ahead of time so that your kitchen design can work around these important aspects of a kitchen.
  5. Skipp can help from here! After a 30-minute in-person consultation, we can take precise measurements of your kitchen and generate hundreds of personalized layouts for your dream kitchen. We will then consider your budget, needs, and preferences to narrow down the kitchen designs and then it’s up to you to choose. Of course, you can customize just about everything to suit your tastes!


Some Kitchen Inspiration Ideas for a Fresh Look

One of the most popular designs for a dream kitchen is creating a fresh look. Somewhere that is light and traditional, but with a little added something extra to add interest. Some kitchen inspiration ideas for a fresh look include:



Warm-up an otherwise white kitchen with wood accents, whether that be countertops, chairs, kitchenware, or décor.


Fill your kitchen with foliage such as succulents, hanging plants, and fresh herbs. This will add a beautiful, natural pop of green as well as circulate fresh air around your kitchen. Just make sure that the plants you select can withstand changing temperatures.


Layered lighting

Layered lighting helps to bring some warmth into a kitchen with a cool white scheme. Alongside the ceiling lights that focus on countertops, oven, and sink, add feature lights on top of wall units, underneath cabinets, and around the top of a kitchen island. You should even consider installing a dimmer switch so that you can change the mood in your kitchen depending on the time of day.


Textured Tile

If an all-white kitchen is your style, you should think about adding texture with a backsplash or molded cabinets. This will enable you to keep that sleek, fresh look and add a little more interest.

What is a good theme for a kitchen?


A calming theme is ideal for practically any kitchen but works especially well for smaller spaces. You simply need to use light paint colors, lighting, and décor, which will give the kitchen a sense of light and airiness to open up the space.

Think about sticking to colors like whites, creams, light grays, pale green, and pale blue, and incorporate light wood accents. Choose white or stainless-steel appliances and recessed lighting to create that tranquil dream kitchen design.


Modern Farmhouse

A modern farmhouse kitchen is a popular choice in older homes, combining rustic vintage with modern industrial. The key to this kitchen theme is to cleverly integrate old features with new, so you emphasize the architecture's beauty.

This kitchen theme's classic features are a farmhouse sink, antique décor, barn doors, and use of reclaimed wood, but this theme is particularly versatile. You can create a modern farmhouse theme with either light or dark colors, appliances in any finish, and various countertop materials.  

If you’re looking for a lighter dream kitchen design, consider white cabinets with a grey/grey-blue backsplash and stainless-steel appliances. However, if you’re looking for a darker kitchen, consider deep brown cabinets, cream or light grey backsplash, and black or stainless-steel appliances. Copper-colored hardware is super on-trend right now. Decorate with rustic and antique pieces for the finishing touch.



Another popular theme is a coastal kitchen. Much like the ‘calming’ kitchen, a coastal kitchen is light and airy, but with a little something extra.

Start with a base of white or grey cabinets and add blues, creams, and gold with the backsplash and décor. Top it off with reclaimed wood features to give you a true taste of the beach right from your own home.



A further good option for a smaller kitchen space is a minimalist theme. Simply use one or two colors within the whole space, choosing from white, black, and grey. Use cabinetry to smartly conceal those larger kitchen appliances such as refrigerators and dishwashers to create a sleek, modern kitchen.



If you’re looking to bring the Mediterranean into your home, this can be easily done with a Tuscan kitchen theme. Incorporate purple, tan and red accents with chocolate or deep brown cabinets and large stonework for the backsplash, countertops and/or flooring. Hunt down some vintage, Tuscan style decor pieces and kitchenware to finish off your warm, dream kitchen.  


How can I make my kitchen stand out?

If you are looking for ways to make your kitchen stand out, there are several options you could consider, such as:


A Feature Wall

A feature wall of a bold paint color or eye-catching wallpaper print is the perfect way to add interest to your kitchen or section off areas of an open plan kitchen diner. 


Pops of Color

Another way to make your kitchen stand out is to add a pop of bold color. This helps break up a large amount of white or grey and draws attention to certain parts of your kitchen. Choose a bright color, such as blue, yellow, or red, and use that color for seat-pad covers, small appliances, and artwork. If you want to use colored cabinets, try using a bright or dark color on just the lower cabinets, as this creates a bold look without making the space feel smaller or darker.


Choose a Patterned Backsplash or Flooring

If you opt for white cabinets, countertops, and walls, a great way to make your kitchen stand out is to choose a patterned backsplash or floor. Go for something a little more traditional like black and white tile, or try something more bright and bold that will add distinction to your dream kitchen.


What color looks good in a kitchen?

The color that will look best in your kitchen really depends on your home, your preferences, and the feel you are hoping to achieve. Traditionally, homeowners have stuck to more muted colors for their kitchens, such as whites, grays, and creams, but now a much wider variety of colors are used for kitchens. For instance:

  1. Traditional colors – cream, light taupe, pale blue, gray-green, bright white, oatmeal, greige, spring green
  2. Deep colors – eggplant, dark navy, marine blue, sage green, midnight blue, dark gray/gray-green
  3. Fresh colors – pale green, lavender, baby blue, pale yellow, lilac, pale mint green, pistachio, soft gray
  4. Something a bit different – peach, coral, blush pink, true blue, sunny yellow


How can I make my kitchen look expensive?

If you are looking to create your dream kitchen design on a budget, there are ways in which you can make your kitchen look more expensive than it really is. 

  1. Update the hardware on your cabinets to something sleek, in a black, gold, or stainless-steel finish depending on the theme of your kitchen.
  2. Switch out simple, outdated lighting for chandeliers and pendant lights. With so many different styles to choose from, you are sure to find a lighting solution to suit your dream kitchen. 
  3. Store smaller appliances in cabinets and just get them out whenever you want to use them. The key to luxury is to minimize clutter and maintain a sleek, sparkling kitchen.
  4. Add artwork to empty wall space. This might seem too simple, but adding artwork can give your kitchen personality and add that luxurious touch.


What are kitchen trends for 2020?

Kitchen trends for 2020 include:

  1. Contrasting countertops
  2. Cool colors
  3. Navy blue cabinets
  4. Slab backsplash
  5. Colorful kitchen tile
  6. Double islands
  7. Pops of bright color
  8. Warm finishes to cabinets
  9. Open shelving
  10. Dark countertops
  11. Matching backsplash to countertop


Our 7 Best Ideas to Remodel a Kitchen

1. Appliance Garage

If you’re looking for space efficiency and you’d love to hide your appliances, an “appliance garage” is for you! This is where you house all those large unsightly appliances in one place.

Best for:

  1. people looking to reduce clutter
  2. storing larger (unsightly) appliances when not in use
  3. having one place for all larger kitchen tools

Unique features:

  1. flexible design choices (sliding doors, frosted glass cabinetry)
  2. space-efficient for homes of any size


2. Sliding Pull Out Drawers and Shelves

If you need to maximize your space, then we strongly recommend utilizing sliding pull-out drawers and shelves.  

Best for:

  1. ease of organization (see all your items from above without having to dig through drawer after drawer)
  2. those who like to keep more items in single drawers or shelves for easy access

Unique features:

  1. custom color the cabinet races to match the rest of your remodeled kitchen
  2. install in any drawer or cabinet location


3. Quartz Counters

Want marble but not the upkeep? Quartz is the best choice if you want a sleek finish but without the worry that you’ll damage your countertops.  

Best for:

  1. homeowners with a higher budget
  2. those who want real stone countertops in their home

Unique features:

  1. it is real stone, like granite and marble, but treated to be fully non-porous and more durable
  2. color customizable with predictable/accurate colors


4. Custom Cabinets

Have you browsed through hundreds of sites but never found the kitchen to suit your home? It’s time to go custom-built.  

Best for:

  1. maximizing usable space in the kitchen
  2. people searching for an understated, clean look

Unique features:

  1. these cabinets are fitted precisely to the measurements of your kitchen, which makes use of every last inch of space
  2. the design for these cabinets can follow exactly what you have in mind


5. Deep Sink

Lusting after a stylish sink? A deep sink is the way to go.  

Best for:


  1. Everyone! But especially those who have larger quantities of dishes each day or larger stock pots and pans

Unique features:

  1. put more dishes and larger dishes in the sink
  2. better mobility and ease of use while actually cleaning dishes


6. Touch-Activated Faucets

Following up after the deeper sink, it would be even better paired with a touch-activated faucet! This makes life so much easier for busy parents and those who love to get their hands messy while baking or cooking.

Best for:

  1. anyone who often finds themselves struggling to turn on the tap with full hands

Unique features:

  1. easy to use even when both hands are dirty (from kneading dough or working with oil) or just full of dishes
  2. blends in seamlessly with even traditional kitchens


7. Slab Backsplash

Your backsplash is a place to really make a splash in your kitchen (sorry!), so why not go all out with a slab backsplash?  

Best for:

  1. homeowners looking to make a statement with this kitchen centerpiece
  2. ease of cleaning after washing dishes

Unique features:

  1. prevents water from getting on drywall and staining or rotting
  2. attractive and eye-catching for its sheer size



Your dream kitchen is totally possible, especially with Skipp! Get your kitchen at just a fraction of the cost that it would cost you elsewhere, with far less hassle and even more customization options. You can work with our incredible designers to get the dream kitchen you’ve always wanted! Click here to get started.


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