Budget Kitchen Remodels: How To Remodel a Kitchen on a Budget

How to Remodel a Kitchen on a Budget
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Sick of your kitchen but tight on funds? Don’t worry – you don’t need a six-figure budget to get a beautiful kitchen. If you’re smart about your remodel, think carefully through each step, or even do some DIY, you can absolutely remodel your kitchen on a budget.

It you’re wondering how to do a budget kitchen remodel, or looking for kitchen remodel ideas on a budget, or how to DIY your kitchen remodel on a budget, you’re in the right place! Read on to learn everything you need to know.


What is considered a “budget” kitchen remodel?

The size of your kitchen is obviously a very important factor in determining the cost of a kitchen remodel. If your kitchen is less than 70 square feet, you could remodel for less than $5,000. This goes up to $60,000+ for a large kitchen of more than 200 square feet.

If you are doing a full kitchen remodel – that’s replacing all your cabinets with good quality new ones, redesigning your layout, new countertops, flooring, sink, and appliances plus redecorating – most budget remodels cost around $15,000 - $25,000. 


What is the average cost to remodel a kitchen?

There are choices at all levels for kitchen remodels. The average for an upscale remodel was $131,510 in 2019. The mid-range average was $66,196 and budget kitchen remodels $22,507. 

According to Moving.com the US average spent on renovations was $25,047, most renovators spending between $13,160 and $37,011. Renovations are typically less involved than a remodel, so this may be a good choice for you if you’re on a budget.

With Skipp you can save on average 40% on your remodel over other contractors and competitors, so if you want a beautiful kitchen on a budget, we’re the answer! With us, you’ll know exactly how much it’s going to cost with no unexpected surprises.

How much does it cost to remodel a 12x12 Kitchen?

A 12x12 kitchen, which is average for a small- to mid-sized house, will typically cost between $20,000 and $40,000.


How much does it cost to remodel a kitchen by yourself?

If you have the time needed for planning, fitting, and redecorating, it is possible to remodel a kitchen by yourself. You would have to give a great deal of thought to creating your kitchen plan and also have some skill with cabinet making. Plumbing and electrical installation require the proper knowledge to be safe and efficient so you may have to employ an outside contractor.

Leaving out costs for design, installation, and labor, an average for the cost of doing a kitchen remodel by yourself is around $16,000. The kitchen cabinets will obviously be the largest expense, on average $6,670.

Remember that when you DIY you may save overall on costs but you will also lose something in the quality of a professional finish. You may not save as much as you planned as it will be more difficult to keep to a fixed budget. There may be some unforeseen difficulties and costs, so only embark on a project like this if you’re already pretty handy!


Pros & Cons of Planning Your Own Kitchen Remodel


The advantages of planning your own kitchen remodel will all be financial. If you have skills you can use instead of employing someone else you can save money on labor.

It will also be easier to control costs. Even the nicest contractors are trying to make a good living.

You can have total control. If you want the control to pick up your project and put it down again, such as replacing your upper cabinets before your lower, or doing the flooring a few months after the rest, then DIY may work best for you.



The kitchen is not a good place to cut corners on quality. If it is not a really good finish it may have a negative effect on the resale of your house.

There are also many difficult aspects such as plumbing and electricals which need to be completed to a high standard for safety as well as efficient functioning.

After putting a huge amount of work into your DIY budget kitchen remodel you may be a bit disappointed with the overall finish which will still have cost you thousands of dollars.

Be realistic about your own skills before you start!

How can you remodel your kitchen on a budget?

  1. You can remodel your kitchen even on a tight budget by doing all the work yourself and working with what you have in your existing kitchen as much as possible:
  2. Instead of completely replacing your cabinets you might be able to re-paint them with specialist paint or just buy new doors. Some of your wall cabinets might be replaced by open shelving.
  3. If you buy cabinets get ready to assemble units.
  4. Look at your appliances to see where you might re-use or repair them.
  5. Don’t change the layout of your plumbing and electricals to save money on professional costs.
  6. Do as much of the work as you can yourself. You should be able to re-decorate, but also choose flooring, tiling, lighting, and countertops that you can fit yourself.
  7. Look for second-hand kitchen doors or appliances to reduce costs.

Why do kitchen remodels cost so much?

The cost of a kitchen remodel quickly mounts up. About 30% of the cost is down to cabinets and hardware. Even the most reasonably priced kitchen units add up when you see how many you’ll need. You can expect about 17% to go on installation unless you do it yourself and 14% on appliances.

Other costs mount up with countertops and flooring plus design fees, lighting, and plumbing plus decorating – if you start a DIY project you’ll understand why very quickly!


Can you remodel a kitchen for under $15,000?

That depends – if you’re a small home or apartment, your $15,000 will likely stretch pretty far, but if you’re talking about remodeling the kitchen of a 3,000 square foot home in Texas, you’re not going to get very far!

The best way to know what a remodel is going to cost you is to do your research and get some quotes. Our affordable design service can help you map out your kitchen remodel and our designers can work with you to remodel your existing kitchen layout.

If you definitely don’t want to DIY your kitchen (like most people after a little research!), you can get a fully-custom kitchen for a fraction of the price you would elsewhere. Skipp customers typically save 40% on their remodel, so if you want to save money but have a Instagram-worthy kitchen, it’s time to reach out to us!


6 Tips on How to Save Money during a Budget Kitchen Remodel

  1. Have a good design plan for your kitchen however small it is. Take your time to look at lots of options.
  2. Use materials that look good without breaking the bank.
  3. Do as much of the work as possible yourself while maintaining the quality of finish.
  4. Keep the same basic layout of your kitchen to use existing plumbing and electricals.
  5. Set a realistic budget in advance and stick to it.
  6. Keep an eye on local marketplaces for high-quality kitchen parts you could use if you want to DIY your kitchen.


How long will it take to remodel your kitchen on a budget?

Figuring out how long it will take to remodel your kitchen depends on your kitchen size. It’s worth taking plenty of time in the design process so the actual work will go smoothly and there will be less time when you are without a functioning kitchen in your house. (Takeout meals should not be a major part of your budget!)

A simple DIY renovation may take a weekend in a small house where all you’re doing is changing the cabinet doors and backsplash, but most will take 2-6 weeks.


When does it make sense to remodel your kitchen?

There are several reasons why people decide to remodel their kitchens which are often to do with practical problems when using the kitchen. These could be a lack of flow, poor lighting, insufficient or badly organized storage, too difficult to keep clean.

Other factors can be changing family needs, the kitchen falling into disrepair and simply needing an upgrade, or even just that you hate the way it looks!


Skipp not only helps you through the difficult design process, but we can also help you keep to your original budget and we provide support for DIYers. You could benefit from our specialized technology in the planning process, with access to designers plus expert input at a fraction of the usual remodel costs!

If you need a DIY kitchen remodel on a budget we’ll help you save around 35% of the cost by supporting when you do your own labor. Your ideas will be checked by experts and you will have the benefit of our experience. You can get your dream kitchen and still keep to a tight budget.


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